With more than 320 days of sunshine per year, the Costa del Sol is a popular destination among sunseeking travelers. Therefore, it is no problem to rent out its southern Spanish holiday homes. Mojo Estates helps you manage your rentals so you can cover your owners expenses. In this way, you can almost live a free life in the sun.

More and more home owners choose to rent out their holiday home abroad. This applies particularly to Spain, where the Costa del Sol each year attracts more than 20 million tourists to stay in the sun. Many of these tourists would like to rent a property like yours. And by renting it out in, for example, 20 weeks a year, you can even stay here considerably cheaper or maybe even completely "free" the remaining 32 weeks.

The maths depending, of course, when, how long and how often you are willing to rent out your property. As well as how much your cost of ownership is. But of course all this we will calculate together.

At Mojo Estates, we help you manage all the practicals regarding your rentals. We offer some unique options which make it easy for both you and the guests. The guests can for example pick up and drop off keys directly at our Málaga airport stand.

When you already own a holiday home in Benalmádena, Mijas or Marbella and wish to rent out to cover the running costs or even make a good return on your investment, please contact us for a non-obligational quote.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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